Connectomics and network analysis of connectome

By Yunkyu Sohn

3D reconstruction of wiring diagram in rabbit retina

Seung demostrates how the connectomics approach, dense mapping of all neuro-synaptic connections in a single specimen, will eventually substitute the existing methodological means of neuroanatomical data mining, sparse sampling of neuro-synaptic pairs from many specimens, and leads to the understanding of functional properties of neurons through computational analysis.

Reading the Book of Memory: Sparse Sampling versus Dense Mapping of Connectomes

A review article on the graph theoretical analysis of structural and functional brain connectivity data: Complex brain networks: graph theoretical analysis of structural and functional systems


2 responses to “Connectomics and network analysis of connectome

  1. I’ve been researching connectionist modeling for my dissertation prospectus, but I’ve been focusing on machine learning and cognitive science papers.

    Thanks for posting this review, it will be very helpful!

    • I studied computational neuroanatomy as my master’s thesis project. So if you are interested in characteristics of real neuronal networks, I would be happy to share some references with you.

      This is Seung’s connectomics class webpage:
      You would find very interesting up-to-date papers regarding the topic. I had an opportunity to participate a part of the 2007 class.

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