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Refinement of Modularity Function for Directed Networks Using LinkRank

By Yunkyu Sohn

Kim et al. (2010) demonstrate the logical flaws within directed network version of modularity function proposed by Leicht and Newman (2008). By developing link-version of PageRank, the authors introduce a new modularity function which fixes the problem of Leicht and Newman modularity. The argument for LinkRank modularity grounds upon the random walker assumption used by Rosvall and Bergstrom (2008) whose method is proven to be best so far without the use of modularity concept. Both methods produce mutually consistent results.


The Social Networks of… Zombies?

By Lindsay Nielson

We know that social networks can be useful for studying a variety of political and health phenomena. But did you also know that they can help us study patterns of zombies?

[Hat tip: The Monkey Cage]

Internet Privacy

Cool NY Times article.  –Mike

How Privacy Vanishes Online

By Steve Lohr

Published: March 16, 2010

Using innocuous bits of data from Web sites like Facebook and Twitter, researchers gleaned people’s names, ages and even Social Security numbers.