The Cognitive Science of Consciousness

By Patrick Rogers

The current issue of Cognitive Neuroscience is a special issue on the neuroscience of consciousness. Of particular interest is the article by Victor A.F. Lamme, “How neuroscience will change our view consciousness“. From the abstract:

…the study of consciousness is dominated by what we know from introspection and behavior. This has fooled us into thinking that we know what we are conscious of. …in fact we don’t know what we are conscious of. …The exercise is an example of how neuroscience will move us away from psychological intuitions about consciousness, and hence depict a notion of consciousness that may go against our deepest conviction: “My consciousness is mine, and mine alone.” It’s not.

The rest of the issue is behind a paywall (UCSD has institutional access), but this article freely available to everyone.


One response to “The Cognitive Science of Consciousness

  1. Interesting post and article. Thanks

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