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A Beautiful Image of the Global Social Network

by James Fowler

We should do one of these for the picture friend network!  Read about the image here.


Do Tweets Change Your Beahvior?

by James Fowler

Nicholas Christakis and I tackle this question with a little from a little help from Alyssa Milano…. op-ed: Facebook, friends and getting fat

by Nicholas A. Christakis and James H. Fowler (crossposted from

The bonds we renew in person between friends and family as we visit during the holiday season get reactivated online after we all go home. This is the time when feast and Facebook go hand-in-hand.

And as it turns out, these two activities are more related than you might imagine.

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Biology, Politics, and the Emerging Science of Human Nature

By James Fowler

fMRI Study Shows Politics is a Form of Playground Cognition

We started HNG shortly before this article in Science came out.  It summarizes recent research in genopolitics and neuropolitics and calls on biologists and political scientists to work together:

In the past 50 years, biologists have learned a tremendous amount about human brain function and its genetic basis. At the same time, political scientists have been intensively studying the effect of the social and institutional environment on mass political attitudes and behaviors. However, these separate fields of inquiry are subject to inherent limitations that may only be resolved through collaboration across disciplines. We describe recent advances and argue that biologists and political scientists must work together to advance a new science of human nature.

HNG has been around for a year now, and we’re hoping this blog will help us continue in our mission to bridge disciplines to explore human nature.

Twin Study Shows Political Participation is Heritable